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New things!

I got a Blackberry Curve! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT AHAHAHA yay. Hopefully I can use it to connect at work.

Also! I got a bird feeder for the cardinals I saw outside in the holly tree this week! There's a pair of them, male and female, and they're so cute! So I put the bird feeder out and have been watching all day - we've gotten a dove, a robin, several finches, and both cardinals so far today!

The house is ALMOST UNPACKED - we only lack two more boxes and I might get those tonight. I also got a rose bush (a Chicago Peace, like Daddy used to have), a fuchsia, and some salvia for the patio and just planted them. I even put worms in the pots!

Now I just need to take these books to the used book store.
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