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So I've been kind of AWOL from my LJ for the past couple weeks. Sorry to anyone who just friended me recently, I've just not had anything to post. But here's what I've been up to:

- playing Overlord II. I am in love with this damn game and am currently on my second play-through (I didn't get 100% domination last time :( ). When I get through with this game, I'm gonna go back and play Overlord: Raising Hell, because DADDY OVERLORD! ♥ I really need to stop imagining the Overlord in this game is Ichigo, though, because that's all kinds of messed up.
- helping AD get a new car. He got a pepper white 2004 Mini. We are now the Amazing Desert Mini Brothers or something.
- playing catch-up with my fics. I've managed a whole ten chapter fic (okay, so I wrote it all and then broke it into ten chapters - it still took a month) and chapter updates to Bun in the Bakery and Til Death Do Us Part. I've just finished one of three scenes in the new chapter of Devil's Plaything, so hopefully I'll be able to put that up in the next few days.

That's it, mostly. I've also been watching InuYasha on Adult Swim on the weekends and... Sesshoumaru was introduced last night (apparently they started it over from the beginning). I have opinions about this show.

- in True Takehashi Style, the characters range in likability from "Mneh" to "God, shut up" for me. I think overall, the character I like best is InuYasha himself.
- Kagome kind of annoys me - she's really bland except for vague touches of tsundere and is mostly there to either get in trouble so InuYasha can save her, or to find the magical key to fix everything at the end of the episode and save InuYasha!
- InuYasha is basically there to bitch, hit things until they fall down, and get smacked around by Kagome.
- I find myself liking this dynamic only slightly more than the dynamic from later in the series in which InuYasha mostly ignores Kagome and Kagome mostly whines about Kikyou existing.
- Sesshoumaru is fucking hilarious. For the first ten minutes of his first appearance, he just stands there staring at wolves and babbling incoherently about fangs and the moon and wolves and some shit before killing all the wolves. Then he randomly goes to talk to some samurai and the first words he says that make any sense whatsoever in the episode are "I need a boat". And then he throws one of them into a boat, breaking it. Then he proceeds to have Jakken row him around in a boat while continuing to babble incoherently for most of the rest of the episode. I feel like this should be a meme. Just take the goddamned boat, Sesshoumaru!
- The fact that Sesshoumaru is/was roughly Sephiroth levels of popular among fangirls makes the above even more hilarious.

Mostly, I find myself watching InuYasha for the wacky events, not for the characters. Most of the characters thus far are, well... damn annoying.
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