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Japanese Nuclear Power Plants

For those of you who're worried about Japan's nuclear power plants, this is a nice link:

It explains how the plants work in easy-to-understand terms and answers a whole slew of questions that your average Joe might have about them. The media's doing a horrible job of explaining all of this, preferring to fearmonger instead of actually doing their job, so I understand good information is hard to come by. But I can personally vouch that the information on that tumblr is good - this is the same stuff I've been doing for the majority of my adult life.

The only difference is that we call it a "negative co-efficient of reactivity" and not a "negative void co-efficient", but it's pretty obviously the same thing. We also use Rem in the DOD - DOE uses Sieverts and/or Grays. I can try to convert units for you, but my mind can really only process Rem.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.
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Orihime shimeji!

I've been kind of dead and busy lately, so I haven't been posting. SORRY GUYS, I'm still alive and reading my flist, just kind of distracted!

So Maaru was telling us about these nifty shimeji things and I volunteered to make an Orihime one! If you've never heard of them, they're little desktop chibis that run, sit, sneak, jump, and replicate all over your desktop.

The Orihime one looks like this:

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Mine like to climb. They like to climb a LOT.

If you're curious, this shimeji is solely Orihime and has nothing ship-related in it (unless you ship her with leeks. She really likes her leeks). I'm working on a bigger IchiHime!Orihime shimeji for shits and giggles, but right now this is just the plain model.

Download her here!

Just... don't walk away from your desktop. She'll take over after about half an hour.

Edit: Ver2.0 up! She has shippy idle animation and a RoboHime Come Here command!
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So I've been kind of AWOL from my LJ for the past couple weeks. Sorry to anyone who just friended me recently, I've just not had anything to post. But here's what I've been up to:

- playing Overlord II. I am in love with this damn game and am currently on my second play-through (I didn't get 100% domination last time :( ). When I get through with this game, I'm gonna go back and play Overlord: Raising Hell, because DADDY OVERLORD! ♥ I really need to stop imagining the Overlord in this game is Ichigo, though, because that's all kinds of messed up.
- helping AD get a new car. He got a pepper white 2004 Mini. We are now the Amazing Desert Mini Brothers or something.
- playing catch-up with my fics. I've managed a whole ten chapter fic (okay, so I wrote it all and then broke it into ten chapters - it still took a month) and chapter updates to Bun in the Bakery and Til Death Do Us Part. I've just finished one of three scenes in the new chapter of Devil's Plaything, so hopefully I'll be able to put that up in the next few days.

That's it, mostly. I've also been watching InuYasha on Adult Swim on the weekends and... Sesshoumaru was introduced last night (apparently they started it over from the beginning). I have opinions about this show.

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Well, just one in particular.

I started doodling this on watch and before I knew it, I had an ink drawing. Yes, I did this with ink and no pencils, so it looks sketchy. I only did a little editing with Photoshop to get rid of stray lines and touch up a few things. And then I colored it.


AD got a copy of Photoshop User Magazine (yes, Adobe puts out their own industry mag. The whores) which just so happened to have an article on how to color comic line art with CS5. Well, I only have CS3, but some of the things they had in there were very useful. Things like the GRADIENT TOOL which I abused the hell out of, as you are about to see. I think it turned out nice, though - beats the hell out of my old way of coloring.

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Well, that was fun.

Going to work today, AD wrecked his car. It hit on the front bumper of my side, so I have a little whiplash. The car's trashed, though!

I never liked that fucking car anyway.

On the plus side, my car gets out of the shop Friday. So until then, I'm just going to be laying on a very large pile of pillows and probably working on my Photoshop coloring or whatever. AD got a Photoshop magazine that has some 'how to color comic line art' tips in it, and it's really interesting. I've been learning to use the gradient tool, and I think it shows in the latest piece I've been working on.

In other news, Grimmjow fights like a little bitch in Versus Crusades. Scratching people? Really, Grimm? I know you're a kitty and all, but damn.
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