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Oh, DC, still failing, I see.

Just watched the animated Wonder Woman movie from last year with AD.

God, how many times can a movie attempt to make a statement about feminism and just miss the mark completely? Even Gail Simone helping write it didn't help.

Apparently, there are only two kinds of women in this world: the strong ass kickers, and the weak, useless, 'brainwashed' girly girls. Augh. It was like an hour and a half of Real Women Don't Wear Dresses. The one girly Amazon that likes to read and doesn't like to fight? Yeah, she gets stabbed in the back (literally) by one of the tougher girls. She only becomes a 'real' Amazon after she dies and comes back fighting - so her character literally only gets redeemed by becoming an ass-kicker.

And good god, I lost count of all the "MEN SUCK" comments. Were those supposed to make me feel empowered? Because they didn't. I also liked how the Amazonian 'utopia' basically consisted of women sitting around fighting like gladiators all day long. But hey, at least there are no smelly men to bother them!

And how about that Steve Trevor! Didn't he just make you want to drop your panties with his looks and personality, ladies? His charm? His uhh... badassity? Anything? No? Man, you'd think for a movie about female empowerment, we'd be empowered enough to have a good-looking, interesting love interest for once. I mean, there wasn't a single ugly girl in this thing, but the only good-looking guys in it were Ares and his son (pre-death, uhh)? All the women must kick ass or they're considered worthless by their sisters, but the one guy that's not a Greek war god mostly stands around and looks dumb? I see DC is as savvy about its target audience as ever!

The really sad part is, the movie had a chance to make a real statement about women and feminism and the value of both, and completely missed it at every turn. Instead, it wasted a bunch of time on taking down high heels, piggish womanizers, and opening car doors for women. Oh, and Diana herself likes to use phrases like "You sound like a girl" and "it's not polite to hit girls". Hmmm, which is more sexist - opening a car door, or using 'girl' like it's an insult?
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