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Photo dump post 1 of ???

SO I FINALLY UNLOADED LIKE FOUR MONTHS WORTH OF PICS OFF MY CAMERA. Enjoy this huge backlog of pictures - we're probably looking at no fewer than three posts here.

Also, I have some kind of flu bug, so I am mostly incoherent today. But! I managed to do this and to pack a couple of boxes and to do dishes (as none of these required standing up for long periods of time), so I don't feel like I entirely wasted my day. Unlike yesterday, when I slept for fourteen hours.

We're taking possession of our new apartment tomorrow, though, and there won't be internet over there until Thursday, so I may not be on between tomorrow and then. Don't know yet. Either way, have some doll photos!

The first set is from Miss Mae Murder's birthday party back in November. HER HOUSE IS HUGE OKAY.

YEAH SO THOSE LAST FEW PICTURES - the guy in the red jacket is Conifer, and he is a pimp. I've gotten pictures of him before. Hime is apparently a pimpette, because she turned all the boy dolls out. Ohoho! There was also a contest to see which boy doll had the biggest junk - Jason, the white doll, was the winner. :|b

Gypsy is just trying to pretend she doesn't know any of these people.

And oh god, I think that's the fattest I've ever looked IN MY LIFE. SOB. And what is that face I'm making?! WHY DOES THAT SHIRT MAKE ME LOOK SO FAT augh why do the cute shirts do that.
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