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Garden pictures!

So since we moved into this new apartment, we've been given a lovely patio with which to... put things, basically. But being the plant nut I am, I decided to make a patio garden out there. Unfortunately, I can't really have orchids out there (they'd die in winter - I'd probably be better off putting one in a hanging box inside or something), but I can have pretty much everything else.

Since I promised Copper and Terpy pics, and I finally got batteries in my camera today, here you go!

This is the entire porch - it's small, but it also has a lot of potential! As you can see, some of our woodworking tools are out because AD is building an arcade cabinet at the moment. There's also sawdust all over the plants because of it.

The side that has the most plants on it, along with my garden stand. Note Audrey the Mandragora Mandevilla's tendril climbing the stand. There's one in the back, too. I only put that plant out there a week ago!

The hibiscus! It was $10 at Home Depot! The flowers only last a day, so I had to wait this morning until some of them opened to take a picture!

Gardenia tree, $33 at Home Depot. I had to put another stake in the pot because the wind kept knocking the wobbly thing over (I stole it from AD's cabinet project :3). This is also the first time I've ever had a gardenia bloom for me - I always make the buds drop off the houseplant version immediately after I buy it.

I used my strawberry pot to plant Salvia! I still have a soft spot for them. :(

This plant grows creepily fast. It was also $10 at Home Depot, and it was the last one they had (I wonder if it's taken over anyone else's house yet)

THE FUCHSIA! You can't really see it very well in any of these pictures (my camera doesn't do close-ups well), but the whites are actually double blooms and very pretty! I'm also super excited because this is really the first fuchsia I've been able to keep alive and make bloom (I'm also happy it didn't have purple and pink flowers - the pink and white ones are my favorites, and you can't tell what color the flowers will be unless it's blooming when you buy it). This was $10 at K-Mart.

Our local lady cardinal. She's the reason I bought the bird feeder (unfortunately, cardinals can't feed very well at the one I bought - she eats the seeds the finches knock to the ground, though). I like her better than the boy cardinals. I can also recognize her chirps now. :3

More fuchsia! This is as close as I could get to the flowers without them blurring to all hell. :(

One of our local squirrels (I've counted four). I think this is one of the boys, because he's not as small as the two girls I usually see.

The hibiscus, later in they day. It's such an attention whore. |D I'm glad, though, because when I first got it, it was covered in tiny buds, but a lot of them suddenly turned yellow and dropped off a couple days after I got it. Come to find out, hibiscus are easily stressed just by moving or repotting them, and it just got over it a couple days ago and is now regrowing its lost buds rather quickly.

Our pair of mourning doves. I think they're mates, because I usually see them together, and its the same birds every time (one of them has a pink belly that's easy to spot). Their call sounds like an owl's hoot.

FINCH BASTARDS. They can clean out that bird feeder in a day or so. I've counted five individual ones out there today, but I'm sure there are more of them. I'd hate the greedy fuckers if they weren't so cute and didn't have such cute songs. DX

More cute doves! Don't mind the seed mess - I clean the porch once a day, but leaving the seeds there attracts ground feeding birds like ducks (we have three regular visitors), the doves and cardinals. It also attracts the squirrels (who have so far been unable to break into the feeder, amazingly enough). I even found a pretty black cat out there yesterday - she was friendly, so I suspect she belonged to someone. She was probably just bird stalking. >:3
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