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I've been meaning to post this for days!

Earlier this week, AD was in Wawa and found a new flavor of Doritos: Mr Dragon's Fire Chips.

Okay, first off - oriental dragon on the bag. It's a pretty bag! But I facepalmed at the really blatant appeal to American oriental fanboys/girls. What's next - Mr Cactus' Tequila Chips? Good lord.

That's not the hilarious part, though. Underneath the cheesy name - and that's all that's on the bag, no flavor marked anywhere - is this:


So the flavor isn't dragon or fire or whatever - for those of you who can't read katakana (which is, oh, MOST AMERICANS), the flavor is actually WASABI.

According to the manager at Wawa, the Doritos vendor said that Doritos' marketing team realized that most Americans are scared of wasabi and won't eat it (this is something I've also noticed, honestly - people either get tricked into eating it, or try to eat too much at once, and it burns them and they hate it. When I made wasabi peanut butter cookies, which were only a little spicy, no one would touch them). So they put some crazy title on the bag - Mr Dragon's Fire Chips! - and put the actual flavor underneath it in Japanese!


The sad part is, the chips are actually really good! I just don't think they'll be sticking around very long.
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