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So I got spoiled for Scott Pilgrim 6 today.

Apparently he 'saves' Ramona from Gideon and runs off into the sunset of the subspace highway with her at the end. Of course, there's more to it, but from what I've read on Wiki, Ramona's motivation to be a horrible girlfriend at every turn still makes no sense, but then again, when has Ramona EVER made any real sense. It feels like "I was a total bitch so I wouldn't hurt you, Scott~" is a huge cop out just to try and rationalize her bizarre behavior and make it 'okay' for them to get back together. So I get the distinct feeling that the author is one of those guys who just can't understand why his girlfriend bitches at him for being an insensitive douche and just chalks it up to 'women are mysterious'.

But I kind of get that feeling from all his female characters. While his male characters all feel real and relatable (except for Scott, who consistently feels like a major wish-fulfillment character for every college-aged manga and video game otaku who just can't understand why girls don't like him because he's so very Nice~), his female characters consistently feel like bland "Why Don't Girls Like Me" stereotypes. Knives? Kung Fu Action Girl meets Stalker Ex-Girlfriend With a Crush. Kim? One of the guys (possibly the most likable girl in the entire series, too). Ramona? OH GOD WHERE DO YOU EVEN START? You could take every rant, post, or whine ever made by any Nice Guy, replace the generic "girls" they whine about with the name "Ramona Flowers" and nothing would change. Mysterious mood swings that no man can understand? Check. Generically 'cool' and 'awesome' attributes like skating, martial arts, and being cynical to attract the guy in the first place? Check. Is horribly demanding for no real reason and expects the boy to risk his neck for her because she's so wonderful and awesome and he'll beat up those mean guys she used to date if he ~really~ loves her? Check! Treats the Poor Innocent Boyfriend who's risked his life for her like dirt while simultaneously having sexy dreams about a Bad Boy? Check, check, and check!

Not that Scott was much better. Let's see - best fighter in Canada, is a guitar protegee (somehow), and most importantly, EVERY GIRL IN THE SERIES HAS THE HOTS FOR HIM. Okay, not *every* girl, but pretty much every girl that matters and then a few who don't. Yet I noticed that he's consistently unemployed and spends all his time either 1. pining for ex-girlfriends, 2. playing video games on his couch, or 3. doing both at the same time. He's also so emotionally needy that he spent an entire year in a fugue-like coma because he couldn't get over his last girlfriend. Yet when it comes to trying to understand or even acknowledge any of these girls' thoughts or feelings, he's too charmingly dumb to give a fuck. It's so bad that he forgets he's dating Knives entirely so he can chase Ramona's skirts. This gets a passing mention and a light scolding while Knives goes completely off the deep end insane and is portrayed as the bad guy for her trouble. Which then leaves me incredibly puzzled as to exactly why any of these girls would find this douchebag attractive in the first place.

And then let's get into the rather icky implications of 'defeating the Seven Evil Exes for the right to date Ramona'. It seems like the cute kinda quest that you'd find in a Nintendo era RPG, so at first it doesn't seem too bad. Until you get further into the series, that is, and Ramona is pretty much completely ungrateful for any of the death-defying fighting Scott's been doing for her sake and just... doesn't seem to care. While simultaneously telling him he needs to risk his life to beat her exes. (Pay attention here, Orihime bashers! The next time you want to bash Orihime for 'relying on Ichigo too much', FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE READ THIS SERIES. Or hell, the next time I read some essay about how horrible Orihime is, I'll just mentally c/p Ramona's name in there to make it actually match canon and be relevant to the issue at hand.)

And then there's the fact that it doesn't even seem like Ramona really likes Scott that much in the first place, except for a couple cheap, tacked on "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BB" smooch scenes. Altogether, it left me with the impression that Scott was able to redeem Ramona from Gideon's evil influence just because he was Nice and Good enough and that he was awarded her love for beating up her Seven Evil Exes, regardless of what SHE wanted, which we never really seem to be sure about in the first damn place. Congratulations, Scott! You won! Here's your door prize!

The only good part about this is that Gideon Was Right - Ramona and Scott kind of are made for each other, because I wouldn't want to inflict a relationship with EITHER of them on anyone else in the world.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, we watched the trailer for the movie today and... it actually looks really cool. Like really, awesomely cool. So now I'm filled with SELF-LOATHING because I know I'll go see this movie (in part because if it tanks like Kick-Ass did, we're not going to get another Indie Comic Movie for another couple decades until the industry can be convinced that they can make money again) even though it'll make me want to RAGE QUIT the theater. And I know I'm going to go hunt down the sixth volume of the comic tomorrow, too. And also because I don't hate the entire series, per se - there were some awesomely funny parts to it and the humor is great in some places. I just hate the way pretty much every single woman is written, along with the way Scott is basically a huge Gary Stu.

On the bright side, I really do kind of love O'Malley's portrayal of gay men (I'm also tickled that Stephan Stills is gay or bi at the end, too). On the not-so-bright side, his portrayal of lesbians makes me want to PUNCH HIM IN THE DICK.

So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with Scott Pilgrim. :/
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