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A toy!

Our local Chinese buffet has all sorts of neat stuff for sale right as you walk in the door. Even though the majority of it is cheap knock-offs, a lot of it is really neat. There are rice paper parasols, Chinese folding fans, Chinese non-folding fans, lots of nail polish, fake nails, hair doo-dads, flip flops, and even a couple kiddie pools. It's amazing, and this is the reason I usually make my boyfriend pay whenever we got there - if I bring my wallet, I'll want to take home a bunch of useless crap I don't need and further clutter our apartment.

But today, I found something so cute that I had to get it!


It's an imitation Flip Flap!

I had never heard of Flip Flaps before, but apparently you can spot a knock-off by the color of the leaves and the direction the leaves move. Sadly, this is a knock-off (and I can't find any authentic ones online at a reasonable price), but it's just so darn cute that I don't care. Besides, it was only $2.

Basically, its little leaves move up and down whenever the little panel up front catches the sunlight! The happy flower face moves back and forth, too! So now when all my plants die in winter, I will still have this disgustingly cute bastard sitting there, smiling at me.
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