Like I'm down with the Illuminati (crystaldawn) wrote,
Like I'm down with the Illuminati

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Well, that was fun.

Going to work today, AD wrecked his car. It hit on the front bumper of my side, so I have a little whiplash. The car's trashed, though!

I never liked that fucking car anyway.

On the plus side, my car gets out of the shop Friday. So until then, I'm just going to be laying on a very large pile of pillows and probably working on my Photoshop coloring or whatever. AD got a Photoshop magazine that has some 'how to color comic line art' tips in it, and it's really interesting. I've been learning to use the gradient tool, and I think it shows in the latest piece I've been working on.

In other news, Grimmjow fights like a little bitch in Versus Crusades. Scratching people? Really, Grimm? I know you're a kitty and all, but damn.
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