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Orihime shimeji!

I've been kind of dead and busy lately, so I haven't been posting. SORRY GUYS, I'm still alive and reading my flist, just kind of distracted!

So Maaru was telling us about these nifty shimeji things and I volunteered to make an Orihime one! If you've never heard of them, they're little desktop chibis that run, sit, sneak, jump, and replicate all over your desktop.

The Orihime one looks like this:

Mine like to climb. They like to climb a LOT.

If you're curious, this shimeji is solely Orihime and has nothing ship-related in it (unless you ship her with leeks. She really likes her leeks). I'm working on a bigger IchiHime!Orihime shimeji for shits and giggles, but right now this is just the plain model.

Download her here!

Just... don't walk away from your desktop. She'll take over after about half an hour.

Edit: Ver2.0 up! She has shippy idle animation and a RoboHime Come Here command!
Tags: bleach, ichihime, shimeji
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